Uses of Coconut Oil Worldwide

There are many countries that use coconut oil in different ways. Here are some examples which may amaze you :

Papua New Guinea :
Virgin coconut oil is used as skin moisturizer, hair treatment, sickness and injury treatment. It is also used in daily cooking.

India :
Coconut oil is widely used in traditional Ayurvedic therapy. It’s also used for perfect hair & skin, oil pulling, and cooking.

Panama :
Consuming coconut oil helps to speed up recovery from illnesses.

Jamaica :
Coconut oil is treated as health tonic, especially to the heart. It is usually the first medicine to be given in any type of illness.

Samoa :
Samoa mothers massage their children with coconut oil in hope for stronger bones and healthier skin, helping to ward off infections and blemishes. Coconut oil is applied on gums of teething babies to relieve pain.

Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka :
Coconut oil is used in cooking, as well as cosmetics and medicine.

The Philippines :
For shinier, thicker and darker hair, apply coconut oil on the hair. It also helps to boost healing of burns, cuts, bruises, and broken bones.

Zanzibar :
Coconut oil is used to make candles, diesel fuel and lamps.

Women apply coconut oil on their hair and body to keep their hair and skin healthy. It is also used for cooking purposes.

Central and South America:
In the coastal jungles of this region, traditional healers use coconut oil to nourish the ill back to health. It is used as food and medicine.