Our Background

Hello everyone! Did you know that coconut oil is a natural resource that is beneficial to us and our loved ones? Let us share with you about our experience with coconut oil.

A short introduction about ourselves – I am Lyn, a mother of three kids, aged 3, 6, and 8. May has been my best friend for many years, who is also a mother of two kids, aged 7 and 9 respectively. To us, the well-being of the families is the most important thing in life.

In order to provide the best to our children and ageing parents, May and I have been sourcing the best foods (maybe best of everything too!) for our families. One day, we were introduced to coconut oil by a mutual friend. At first, we were clueless about the benefits of coconut oil. But after much research, we found out that coconut oil is indeed very beneficial to our health. Since then, we fell in love with this wonderful tropical produce!

Apart from using it as a healthier alternative to cooking oil, coconut oil can also be applied as a moisturiser and even works as a hair conditioner. We even make 100% virgin coconut oil homemade soaps with coconut oil!

Our parents, in-laws, and friends have been taking coconut oil for years now. Their memory and overall health seems better compared to their peers of their age. This is what motivates us to share our knowledge of this wonderful oil with the world and most importantly, its potential role in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s.

Our Vision

1. To raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and to help in fighting against the Alzheimer’s with all the caregivers, in small,
‘mommies’ ways.
2. To play a role in creating change – to increase awareness about the beauty of coconut oil.
3. To promote the uses of coconut oil as a natural alternative to chemical products in many expects of our daily life.